Coffee with Envision Webinar Filmed

A video version of the COFFEE WITH ENVISION webinar series, held in conjunction with SUITERADIO on April 23rd, featured a roundtable of top-market programmers and air personalities who shared their five tips for air talent to implement right away to be successful. The “Air Talent Is Great! Building Up Personalities That Listeners Love” video is now available online for free.

Moderator CRUZ and personalities STEVE ROBISON, DONNA MCKENZIE, PAM KELLY and ROWDY YATES gave advice and told personal stories from their careers that will help others produce better shows. The five tips discussed were how to talk to your listeners, respecting the music, living inside each break, knowing your listeners and it’s not always about the clock.

“The webinar was a blast for the SUITERADIO personalities who participated, and I’m thrilled by the level of talent and the great information they shared,” SUITERADIO Pres. CRUZE said. “There’s no doubt that personality is the single most important element separating broadcast radio from playlists and algorithms, and I’m excited that we could offer the tips and share our enthusiasm.”

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