Communications & PR From Experts At Antenna Group: Webinar Recap

Did you catch our webinar with the cleantech marketing firm Antenna Group? Jake Rosmaryn and Josh Garrett sat down to discuss their company’s focus on cleantech public relations (PR) and marketing, and it was an awesome conversation.

Antenna Group works with a range of companies across the cleantech and renewables fields, so their experience is broad and unique.

Moderated by our Director, Zachary Shahan, the webinar (about an hour long) featured a discussion about what exactly PR is (and should be) and why cleantech companies need to consider it as a foundational part of their budget, regardless of where they are in startup or growth phase.

The conversation between these three guys showed both sides of the PR discussion: Jake and Josh both have an insider perspective on the world or marketing and PR, and Zachary has been on the receiving end of PR efforts for years as a writer and editor. One of the key takeaways: be real.

Realness in marketing campaigns is the key factor to making sure your brand is differentiated and seen in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

I thought that the case studies presented by Jake and Josh were especially interesting. They featured three really different companies and their specialized marketing plans, which included ‘hacking’ the big news of the moment, focusing on thought leadership and acquisition, and building an event to showcase a company within a growing market.

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