Crooks nailed taking money for jobs

I thought maybe you could help me, being that no one else has.

Preying on the dreams of aspiring actors and models is utterly disgusting and cruel. I would not wish this on my worst enemy.I was a victim of having a dream in this concrete jungle, only to be stripped of every penny I had to my name. I was scammed for over $8,000 that I needed to pay for tuition, supplies/textbooks and rent.

I am a Bachelor of fine arts major in acting and communications at Brooklyn College. I pay my own way through school, but need assistance from financial aid.I get my acting and modeling work through an online agency known as Backstage. Recently I was cast in an Espirit shoot.

I was to send a cash deposit to the makeup artist in order to secure the venue and order things necessary for the shoot.I followed instructions — but instead of cash, I sent a direct check to the person’s bank account, which I thought was a legit account.

I went to Citibank the next day to try to cancel my check, but I was informed that it was too late to reverse the check, which was outrageous.

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