Domino’s Pizza will test driverless delivery cars

In the near future, a driverless, autonomous vehicle might be responsible for your next pizza delivery.On Monday, Domino’s Pizza announced that it’s teamed up with robotics company Nuro to experiment with autonomous pizza delivery in Houston using a custom vehicle called the R2 that Nuro has built for exactly this purpose.

Later this year, Domino’s plans to start using Nuro’s driverless cars to serve some Houston customers of the pizza chain who place orders online. Domino’s is describing this as an expansion of Nuro’s existing autonomous delivery operations, which have been running already in Houston since March.

Some Domino’s customers who order online will have the opportunity to get their pizza delivered by one of the Nuro vehicles. After the customer opts in, they can track the vehicle’s progress in the Domino app, and they’ll also be given a unique PIN code that unlocks a compartment in the car so they can grab their pizza once it arrives.

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