With oodles of Mushroom Kingdom charm and fast-paced gameplay, it’s no surprise Nintendo chose the Dr. Mario series as its next big mobile offering. Like Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp before it, Doctor Mario World is a free-to-play game that does its best to get you hooked before introducing its monetized in-game currency and time-locked progression system. While it’s a decidedly fun little puzzler, Dr. Mario World suffers from aggravating free-to-play barriers and a sometimes overwhelming amount of gameplay variables.

At first glance, long-time Dr. Mario fans are going to notice one major issue with Dr. Mario World: it has none of the fast-paced gameplay from the original series. Instead of rearranging colorful capsules as they fall from the top of the screen, you must instead select them at the bottom of the screen, letting them float slowly upwards or placing them directly in the best position to clear a cluster of viruses.

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