“Here everything comes together”, Michel Weeda is in the middle of an enthusiastic story about the innovation programme ‘Factory of the Future’ which he set up at the Brainport Industries Campus with the Brabant Development Company (BOM). “New ways of 3D printing, for example, are not only developed and tested here, but also implemented within the company.” For this, residents of BIC -but also companies from outside the campus- make use of the technical facilities and work together with educational institutions to train talent as well. The programme consists of seven different components, each of which will have its own place in the Atrium on the campus.

Implementing new production methods
Weeda is program manager at the BOM, together with Brainport Industries and the province of North Brabant he set up this innovation program. The program is built around different trends in the industry. Participating parties – more than 70 companies and 6 knowledge institutes – work together to develop new production methods and implement them, they train talent and share knowledge among each other.

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