Employers Are Looking For Talent In All The Wrong Places

If you search on Indeed or another job site, you’ll find thousands of employers posting jobs that demand a “bachelor’s degree from a top university.” And for every employer posting such a preference, many more demonstrate this bias based on the colleges and universities they actually hire from.

Facebook hires more than 80% of its employees from elite colleges, and more than half of Facebook employees graduated from a top 10 school. Apple, Microsoft, Boeing, Deloitte and IBM have all hired more than 10,000 employees from top 100 colleges.

Even at Google, which famously declared in 2015 that “there is no relationship between where you went to school and how you did five, 10, 15 years into your career…so we stopped looking at it,” more than 80% of employees attended top 200 schools.

Employers behave this way because they believe top talent is best (or only) found at tier-1 colleges and universities. Indeed surveyed hiring managers, and 29% preferred only hiring from elite universities, while another 48% said the caliber of the institution played a “somewhat important role.” Only 4% said they didn’t care.

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