Enterprise Leadership: Five Big Resolutions for 2019

One of the toughest development challenges is to elevate a critical mass of talent from executive management to true enterprise leadership. To move key talent from controlling systems, processes and financial performance to courageously create value creating significance, sustainability and purpose across an enterprise is no easy task. To move senior people from thinking and behaving downwards into a function, a geography, a division or a single team, to thinking, and collaborating and inspiring across all functions, across all geographies, across all divisions, across all teams and across all customer groups is a very complex and critical shift. Accelerating the development of executive managers into enterprise leaders may be the single most important factor in achieving your strategy and creating a more valuable and sustainable future.

In 2019, as you consider elevating leadership more authentically to the enterprise level, I suggest reflecting on five resolutions to help you to do so:

Enterprise Leadership Resolution One: Move from Self to Service.

Enterprise leadership begins with self-awareness but culminates in self-transcendence. Transmuting one’s ego and ambition from self-success to the sustained success of all others in the enterprise, is a huge breakthrough. Too often in enterprise leader development this critical, core level of helping leaders to go beyond themselves and see the significance of serving all stakeholders will make or break all other aspects of enterprise leader development. Resolve to move from self to service in 2019.

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