After five long, loot-less years, Borderlands 3 has finally revealed it’s big, beautiful face with a lengthy reveal trailer that shows off a ton. There are new worlds, new vault hunters, new enemies, and yes, new guns. We’re going to point out all the new and returning aspects we can find.

New Big Bads
Presumably, these are the leaders of a Cult known as the Children of the Vault.Not to be confused with the Marvel Comics group of the same name – are an enemy faction making their official series debut in Borderlands 3, though this isn’t their first rodeo in the franchise. The cult actually appeared in the Borderlands: Origins comics way back in 2012, and were also referenced in some DLC for Battleborn, Gearbox’s 2016 hero shooter.

At a glance, it’s probably safe to say that Tyreen is one of the last few Sirens, considering the markings on her arm. Sirens are generally female, but if you take another look at Troy, it appears he has some red glowing Siren runes on his face, which would indicate he’s somehow managed to acquire Siren abilities. Oh, and he has a giant mech arm. Sweet.

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