Exploring career options

Fayetteville-Perry students had a chance to explore careers in public safety and public service on May 8.

“We took the idea of a traditional career day and modified it to feature a public safety aspect,” said Fayetteville PD Resource Officer Sean Waddle.

Members of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office, Ohio Highway Patrol, Fayetteville Police Department, Fayetteville Fire Department, the Brown County SWAT Team and UC Aircare all participated in the event.

Military recruiters, Child Focus and other organizations were also available to students to be able to ask questions and explore career opportunities.

Fayetteville-Perry Guidance Counselor Amanda Calvert said that the students were all very receptive their visitors.

“They have loved the hands on experience. They also loved the presentations inside as well. Putting both of those together has worked well,” she said.

Calvert added that career planning is a process that is starting early these days.

“We actually start talking about careers in general in elementary school. When we get to the middle school, we’re trying to get them to center in on a focus on an interest or an area. The sooner they get information, the better decisions they can make when they do scheduling for high school.”

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