Five Tips to Perfectly Time Your Webinar and its Promotion

Webinars are immensely popular, thanks to their ability to engage large audiences and drive leads. So naturally, marketers put a great deal of effort into their planning and promotion strategy. Many factors contribute your webinar’s success, but timing is absolutely crucial.

So what do the numbers say about the best time to promote and host your webinar? Here are five proven scheduling best practices, according to statistics gathered from 350,000 webinars last year.

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Promote on Tuesdays
When promoting a webinar, Tuesdays are your best friend. In fact, twenty-four percent of all webinar registrations happen on Tuesdays. Among the rest of the business week, there are no particularly bad days to promote – Monday is the second most popular day, accounting for 17 percent of registrations, while Thursday is next at 16 percent, followed by Wednesday at 15 percent and Friday at 14 percent. Forget the weekends, however, as registration rates plummet.

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