Five Universal Truths of Leadership

What is it about leadership that makes it feel so unattainable?

We chase after leadership as though it were something to be conquered or tamed. Just when we think we have leading others fully within our control, a situation arises that demands something very different from us. Suddenly we’re left untethered, feeling lonely and unsure of how to respond. In these extraordinary moments of reality, our over-confidence once again turns to humility. We’re reminded that leadership is a practice and that mastery of it can never be fully achieved.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many dozens of leaders around the world: in Canada, Central America, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and throughout the United States. While all leaders I’ve worked with are unique as people, their leadership trials have many similarities. Their struggles are not defined by geographic boundaries and they are not entirely constrained by cultural differences or societal norms, despite what international boundaries might suggest. Ultimately, their leadership challenges share a common DNA—as if they were born from the same, heavily fortified root stock that has stubbornly stood the test of time.

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