Four Creative Ways To Teach Kids About Finance

As fascinating as I personally think finance is, I get that maybe the average eight year old isn’t begging their parents for more financial education. And when most parents think about teaching finance to their kids, they may imagine a structured, sit down lesson on budgeting – which sounds like torture to all involved.

Not only will your child be bored to death, but they won’t retain this type of information because it doesn’t mean anything to them at this point. Whether it’s finance, science or history – kids learn best when they are engaged and having fun.

Creative methods of teaching make the information more interesting and relevant to kids, leading to better focus and retention of information in the long term. Shara Nadler, founder of iPiggiBank, an organization dedicated to teaching financial literacy to kids, created her company based on this approach to education.

“Everyone learns in a unique way. When teaching finance to kids, it’s important that you reach all learners, and it’s not taught in a cookie cutter way.” Nadler explains. iPiggiBank provides financial literacy workshops that focus on keeping kids engaged, on-track and motivated. She gives four examples of unique and creative activities the teachers use during their workshops that can be easily implemented at home by parents.

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