Freshly is the best option for healthy WFH lunches

Out of all the ways in which the pandemic has upended our lives, one of the most significant is that it’s led us to abandon our usual office routine in favor of a much more relaxed (and oftentimes liberating) at-home work setup.

But the freedom to work from home comes with its fair share of downsides, and if you’ve found yourself making a few more trips to the fridge than usual lately, you’re not alone.

Sadly, making poor food choices during the middle of your at-home workday can have dire consequences for your productivity and concentration. If you want to feel your best while conquering your daily tasks you’re going to need to eat the right meals every day.

Freshly makes it easier than ever to enjoy convenient and healthy meals for lunch and dinner while you work from home, and when you sign up using the code LAUNCH15, you’ll get $60 off your first four orders.

Unlike typical meal kits that force you to assemble dishes that are over-processed and packed with way too much sugar, Freshly has mastered health without sacrificing convenience or taste. They deliver a variety of ultra-fresh meals that have less sugar, are less processed, and include more nutrients, all while being fully-prepared, not frozen, and ready to eat in just three minutes. Each meal is even single-serve so you don’t have to worry about overeating, and you wouldn’t even realize they’re all gluten-free if we didn’t just tell you.

You’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of perfectly-sized one-person meals including steak peppercorn, Sicilian-style chicken parm, zoodles and meatballs, sausage baked penne, down-home turkey meatloaf and much more. All you have to do is pop it in the microwave and enjoy.

Your subscription also comes with access to the Freshly app, which allows you to choose your favorite chef-cooked meals, track deliveries and even receive 24/7 support from Freshly’s customer service agents. It’s also easy to filter your meal selections based on your unique dietary preferences.

Don’t let the new work-from-home reality derail your health and subsequently your productivity. Treat yourself to a variety of deliciously fresh meals by signing up for Freshly and receive$60 off your first four orders when you use the code LAUNCH15 at checkout.

Prices are subject to change.

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