Get ready for edge computing’s rise in 2019

Every company needs edge computing on its technology road map starting in 2019. While many of you may see edge as exclusive to IoT, its value is much wider and will prove as critical to driving up customer experience as content delivery networks (CDN) were in the early days of the web . . .

. . . which explains why you are now seeing edge compute and AI services from all the major cloud vendors and on the road maps of the leading telecom companies. Twenty-seven percent of global telecom decision makers, who responded this year to the Forrester Analytics Global Business Technographics® Mobility Survey, 2018, said that their firms are either implementing or expanding edge computing in 2019. Many of these vendors will require new wireless tools and updated skill sets to achieve this digital transformation. This aligns to Verizon’s recent employee buyout offer, as a result of which over 10,400 of its staff will be gone next year, driving nearly $10 billion in savings that it can apply to its edge-compute-empowered 5G network.

And speaking of CDNs, nearly every one of these vendors is adding edge compute to their core market values. CDNs including Ericsson, Fastly, Limelight, and Akamai are either providing edge computing today or will release it in 2019. Sadly, most enterprises still see CDNs as content-caching solutions for their web and mobile apps. While there’s still some value to that, the stronger value is in the areas listed below.

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