Global pathways to international education

The international education market is lucrative and dynamic. As William Hoffa wrote in A History of Study Abroad, any (and all) travel “has educational potential, whatever its inspiration and purpose. What and how much is learned, however, depends greatly on how open the traveler is to what the road offers.”

Studying abroad is becoming increasingly popular year after year. Countries that have always been attractive to  international students such as Australia, the UK and US remain strongly in demand despite rocky political climates, while new markets continue to thrive.

Canada hosted approximately 495,000 international students in 2017, surpassing its International Education Strategy goal five years early, while South Korea reported a record growth of 18.8 percent that same year.

With the rise of Asian universities, there are more and more students travelling to the East to study. A decade ago, students were flocking towards the West.

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