Google Lens is coming to Image search results

Google is celebrating the twentieth birthday of its search engine, and is continuing to make changes to the way we find information. Searches are getting more visual, and the results that Google delivers need to cater to what we’re looking for — like a stunning gown Jennifer Lopez wore at a red carpet, for example. Google will launch Featured Videos and further emphasize its existing AMP Stories in search. It’ll also bring Google Lens to its image results so you can do more with the photos you find on the search engine.

Featured Videos will show animated previews of relevant results within the feed. If you’re looking up attractions in New York, for example, a carousel of videos will show up about a third down the page, so you can get a clearer idea of how the physical landmark looks. Cathy Edwards, head of Google Images, told Engadget that the system will scan high quality videos to identify landmarks or things of interest to highlight just what was relevant to your search.

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