Google Now Says It Will Update Chrome to Let Users Opt-Out of Forced Auto-Logins

Earlier this week, controversy arose around the latest release of Google’s Chrome web browser because it’s far too easy for users to be forced to log in without realizing they’re doing it. Google now says it’ll be making some changes to solve the problem.Chrome’s newest update has been in the wild since September 5, and many people didn’t even notice the change to the login procedure. But several developers recently called attention to the fact that when you sign-in to one of Google’s products like Gmail, you are now automatically logged in to the Chrome browser with your Google account. If you’re logged in, you should now see your user icon in the upper-right corner of the browser.

People feared this auto-login meant that Google’s Sync feature was also being enabled. Sync uploads your browser history, bookmarks, passwords, and other data to Google. Some people like it because it allows you to carry that data between devices, while others do not want to share that data with Google.

It turned out that Sync was still an opt-in feature after the auto-login functionality was added, but the login change still left some people nervous. If you’re logged out of Chrome, your browsing activity is only stored on your local machine. Being tricked into identifying themselves with Google still bothered many people.