Google releases Android Q Beta 4

At I/O 2019, Google announced a slew of changes to Android Q and unveiled the high-level tentpole features. Android Q Beta 4 today takes a notable step towards launch in Q3 with final APIs and Play Store publishing for developers.

Android Q Beta 4 features a standard API level (29) and the official SDK for developers. This allows app makers to begin final compatibility testing and preparing new features. Applications that take advantage of functionality in the latest operating system can be published to the Play Store for Q Beta devices.

Here’s everything new in Android Q Beta 4 (list in reverse chronological order):

Date and weather widget on Pixel homescreen is subtly bolder
Notifications once again be swiped away in both directions
Dark Theme tweaks in Pixel Launcher, notifications, more
‘Face authentication’ appears in settings, reveals some features
Pixel devices get a tweaked lock screen w/ relocated lock icon
New accent colors arrive w/ ‘Space,’ ‘Cinnamon,’ more
The handy contextual rotation button is back

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