Guidelines For Graduates Making The Right Decisions

Having listened to a variety of speakers at graduation ceremonies this year, I was especially taken with Robert Dilenschneider’s remarks at The University of New Haven.

As CEO of The Dilenschneider Group, with headquarters in New York and Chicago, Bob has made more than his share of important decisions and next year will be publishing a book called Decisions. Not surprisingly his speech, “Making the Decisions That Will Shape Your Life” was right on point.

Dilenschneider contrasted the routine decisions that may have minimal consequences to the kind of personal decisions that are enormously significant in shaping the future — where you want to launch your career, the job you want to go for, how you want to spend money, and how you want to design your personal life.

Most of these decisions, he said, will be easy and obvious. But some – especially the ones that change your life – will not be.

Then, citing research for the upcoming book, he summarized the process that guided the decision-making of some of the world’s most influential people:

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