Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak could soon be a reality

Scientists are a step closer to a “Harry Potter”-style invisibility cloak.They have developed a device that makes solid objects completely vanish.The gadget, called a spectral cloak, even worked in bright daylight in tests. The results are published in Optica.

“Our work represents a breakthrough in the quest for invisibility cloaking,” said José Azaña, the Canada-based research leader.The human eye sees light that bounces off objects. Objects reflect different light depending on their color, for example, green.

But in a new approach, optics scientists looked at altering light waves going through an object.

The cloak turns this light another color, such as blue, as it goes through the green object.

The color then reverts to green on the other side so the view is not distorted to our eyes.

This overcomes the problem faced by current cloaking devices, which bounce light around objects, causing a visible shimmer.

Other models work properly only when an object is illuminated with just one color of light.

But white light is made up of several colors.

The technology could one day be used to make objects invisible from every direction.

It also offers hopes of making data transmitted over fiber-optic lines more secure, thwarting criminals.

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