Here Are 7 Futuristic Tech Gadgets From CES 2019

Last year, CES brought us a slew of mind-blowing tech gadgets. From Sophia, the humanoid robot, to the quirky self-driving luggage. It was like living in a sci-fi movie. This year is no different.

CES 2019, held in Las Vegas every January, has finally came and gone leaving us with closer looks at the hottest, and coolest, consumer electronics concepts for the coming year. We may not have androids and replicants roaming the streets like Ridley Scott’s depiction of 2019 in the cult classic Blade Runner, but this year the biggest and brightest tech companies unveiled numerous mind-blowing technological feats that have us in awe.

From foldable phones and rollable televisions, to adorable robots and electric motorcycles, here are our favorite tech gadgets unveiled at CES 2019.

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