Here are the 12 best countries to retire in

Spending your golden years abroad could save you big bucks while you retire to beautiful locales.As health care costs soar and the cost of living keeps rising, many Americans are looking to retire elsewhere — where the living is not only cheap but the surroundings are beautiful and life is easier.

Considering that the average monthly costs for Americans over 60 is $3500 a month — not including medical emergencies — and the state of Social Security is looking shaky at best, life elsewhere is looking more attractive by the day.

According to the International Living Retirement Index (ILRI) and U.S. News & World Report — many other countries have affordable health care and a low cost of living, plus a dollar can stretch for decades longer than it can at home. These are the top places to move to on a budget, where you can upgrade your life for half of what you’re living on now.

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