How AI could help with early detection of breast cancer

Artificial intelligence can help patients at risk of breast cancer make smarter health decisions, new research suggests.

A deep-learning model developed by a team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology can predict a woman’s breast-cancer risk using a mammogram up to five years in advance, according to a paper published this week in the peer-reviewed journal Radiology.

The new AI model is a more accurate predictor than traditional methods, the researchers say — and, unlike earlier models, is equally accurate for white and black women alike.

“Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, we can personalize screening around a woman’s risk of developing cancer,” senior study author Regina Barzilay, an MIT professor who is also a breast-cancer survivor, said in a statement. “For example, a doctor might recommend that one group of women get a mammogram every other year, while another higher-risk group might get supplemental MRI screening.”

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