How Can You Be Sure Someone Has True Leadership Potential?

Do you have a good boss story? Mine takes me back to my corporate days over 15 years ago. I reported to an executive that, to this day, is still my favorite boss. Here’s why:

He didn’t get caught up in his positional power;
He made me feel like an equal and was approachable, despite his executive status;
He allowed me the freedom to make important decisions;
He provided me with all the resources and mentoring I needed to grow as a leader.
While I could write a thesis on the impact of his servant leadership style, you’ll find similar patterns of behavior in leaders aspiring to take care of their people first, before themselves.

Not to confuse this philosophy with doormat-leadership, meeting others’ needs (and having clear goals and measures of accountability in place for good performance) has always been good for business.

Having said that, there are certain traits most of us would never consider attaching to strong leaders in the harsh, transactional world of business. But if the traits below are exhibited on a human-to-human level, the people dynamics at work between managers and their workers would shift in a dramatic way. This, too, would be good for business.

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