How e-learning is changing the Indian education system for the better

I have been a part of the education industry for over seven years now and feel that there might come a time when the conventional and near-obsolete Indian college education system will be replaced with e-learning.

Currently, the nation battles a spate of issues like skill-gap and unemployability, and the broken education system is riddled with issues ranging from an outdated syllabus, lack of hands-on practical experience, lack of quality educators, and so forth.

This points out the sad and scary state of India’s engineering system and presents the difficulty graduates face while looking for a job.

However, e-learning is gaining popularity in India. To illustrate how it is bringing change into the lives of Indian youth, let me share two stories.

The first story is of Akhil Yada, who pursued B.Tech in ECE. Akhil got a campus placement in business analytics profile instead of VLSI, a domain in which he wanted to make his career.

Following a friend’s advice, he applied to an internship at DRDO but couldn’t land one due to lack of relevant skills. Soon, he enrolled in a six-week online training in VLSI and mastered the basics.

As a part of this training, he designed an adaptive filter using VHDL, and the knowledge he had gained during this stint helped him land a two-month internship with the Research Centre Imarat, DRDO.

The second story is of Kapil Arora. Kapil had an idea for a startup but couldn’t implement it because he was unfamiliar with web design. He thought of hiring a Web Developer, but it wasn’t economical for him. So, he started learning web development online.

Once he completed the training, he designed the web pages using HTML and CSS, deployed a database, and integrated the Paytm payment gateway. After a month of learning and writing codes, he went live with his own startup, Indian Mistry – a platform connecting customers with local mechanics and repairmen at pocket-friendly prices.

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