How Midsize Service Firms Can Build Ideal Client Profiles

Every service firm leader I’ve engaged with in the last 20 years says, “We know who we serve.” Yet when I request that they describe their ideal client’s top five goals, opportunities and challenges, the room suddenly becomes quiet. They really have to stop and think. The problem isn’t that they can’t answer the question. The problem is that they simply haven’t done it before.

In today’s digital world, it can be crucial to articulate your ideal client profile and share it across your brand’s every point of exposure: your website, LinkedIn company page, LinkedIn personal profiles, Twitter accounts, Google listings and anywhere else your brand appears in the digital ecosystem.

I see seven primary benefits to building and publishing an ideal client profile: It makes it crystal clear who you serve and what you do for them, which allows prospects to say, “Hey, that sounds like us.”

It allows your staff to sing from the same songbook, which is often a challenge in service firms.It allows you to evaluate current clients and shed those who don’t fit the profile, which can give you more time and improve profits and career satisfaction.

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