How Queen Elizabeth uses fashion to secretly throw shade

Queen Elizabeth II is ­famously obliged to keep her political views — including ones about Brexit and other world leaders — to herself. But that doesn’t stop Great Britain’s monarch from throwing subtle shade via her fashion choices.

“What she cannot overtly say with language she secretly says with clothes,” writes London journalist Sali Hughes in her new book, “Our Rainbow Queen: A Tribute To Queen Elizabeth II and Her Colorful Wardrobe” (Plume). “Truly, Elizabeth II’s trolling through fashion could inspire an assassin.”

Take, for example, when Her Majesty wore a blue and yellow outfit — the colors of the EU flag — to the opening of British Parliament after the controversial Brexit referendum in 2016, seemingly signaling her disapproval.

“There were yellow flowers in a circle around the brim of her hat,” said Hughes. “I think it was a reference to the [flag of the] European Union.”

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