How To Achieve Success In A New Job

Starting a new job often indicates a measure of success. Everyone’s version of success is quite rightly different, but a new job is an important life chapter. Maybe you get to see employees start a new role, you play a part in the on-boarding process or you’ve recently started a new job. I was coaching a client as part of a corporate contract, and we were speaking about the need to be intentional with our careers. We often have well wishes for our first year, and then our efforts fade out. Gartner’s research shows 37% of the skills employees use today were learned in the past year, and 57% develop new skills through interactions with colleagues. Every day in your first year and every team interaction counts.

Let’s think about your 30-day, 60-day, three month and 1-year plan from the four perspectives below. I tend to refer to them as the four keys to continued job success:

    1. Relationships
    2. Accomplishments
    3. Mindset and Self-care


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