How to clear notifications on an iPhone

Notifications are a necessarily evil for a lot of us. We get loads of them every day, only some of which have any real importance. You know how it goes. You let them stack up all day and when you finally get a chance to sift through it all, you’re welcome by a huge mess of a lock screen. Thanks to iOS 12, clearing notifications on an iPhone is easier than ever. Here are all the ways you can dispose of them once they have served their purpose.
As we all know, when you get a notification, it lights up your phone and requests your attention to the lock screen. You can, of course, tap this notification to launch into the respective app, which will also clear it. You can also swipe right on it to accomplish the same task. Swiping left will reveal three additional options: Manage, View, and Clear (or Clear All if this is a set of grouped notifications), the last of which will get the job done even more quickly. Another way is to swipe the notification from the far right to the far left edge of the screen, where a larger Clear bubble will appear. Let go once you see that prompt to clear it.

Lastly, with rich notifications, you can clear a notification when in its expanded view. Hold down on it to bring up the full interactive notification, then tap the ‘X’ in the corner to clear it.

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