How To Elevate Your Life, Leadership And Learning

There are about 10,000 jokes about trekking around the world and finally reaching the top of a mountain, where you ask, “What is the meaning of life?”Let me try to answer that question for you, even if I only work on the side of a mountain (above a bar).For me, it comes down to three things. Three things that can elevate your life, career and company.Be self aware: Reflect. Write. Publish your ideas and listen carefully to the responses you get.

Have regular conversations with a mentor or friend.Solicit feedback from people who work for you, and from those for whom you work. Observe your behavior and the ways that people react to you. Be quiet often enough that you leave room to understand how you are moving through your life. Be quiet long enough that you understand what you really want before it is too late to get it.

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