How To Get The Positives Out Of A Multigenerational Workforce

Many workplaces are unintentionally negating their own staff. How often have you heard someone complain that Millennials are entitled? Or Gen-Xers are lazy? Or that Baby Boomers resist change? For me, I hear it nonstop from clients looking to fix their workplace.

The truth is, the biggest issue they are dealing with isn’t the lack of capability in any one generation, it’s the lack of value being assigned to having them all together in one place.

The best thing about a diverse workplace is the ability to collaborate for innovative ideas. Below are some tips to help create the inclusive environment that sets the stage for all generations to contribute at their highest levels to your organization’s goals.

Don’t confuse career maturity with generational differences. It’s so easy to forget that we all were once at the beginning of our careers. Our focus was on trying to figure out the best course of action and choosing the right path. And few of us, if any, had the patience to do it with lots of grace. Some of the challenges we assign to the Millennial generation are just part of people at the beginning of their career path.

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