How To Host A Magical Leadership Retreat

If you want to attract high-paying clients, one way of demonstrating your expertise is to hold a leadership retreat. But what do you focus on? Culture can work like magic.

According to author and leadership retreat expert Penny Reed, culture trumps anything else for leaders. Reed says culture – once a fuzzy term and now a buzz word in business – beats how-to’s any day of the week.

“Yet the knee jerk reaction for business improvement is to keep searching for and piling on the how-to’s – to find a better mouse trap,” says Reed. “Yet a better mouse trap may not be what is needed.”

Reed is professional speaker and business coach who has been providing systems and strategies to dentists and their teams for 25 years. We met a few years back when I helped edit her book, Growing Your Dental Business. We caught up when she was keynoting the Jumpstart 2019 conference in January in Phoenix, a leadership retreat for speakers in the dentistry world sponsored by the Dental Speakers Institute.

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