How To Make A Successful Career Change

Contemplating a career change can be a daunting endeavor at any point in your worklife trajectory. According to Balance Careers the “average person changes jobs ten to fifteen times during his or her career with many workers spending five years or less in every job.”

With MTV dubbing millennials the Founders Generation and start-ups the new norm, seismic career moves and breakthrough ideas often require bold personal choices no matter your age or generation.

Dara Levy, the Founder of DERMAFLASH, the revolutionary at-home dermaplanning device, created a new in-demand beauty category while making her own circuitous journey. Originally one of a handful of female members at the male dominated Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Levy’s career derailed when she left the floor and devoted the next four and half years to help her husband fight a losing battle with colon cancer.

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