How to Optimize Operations When Scaling Nationally

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As your business grows it is important to optimize operations to meet increasing demands and satisfy customer expectations. Join Guy Ironi, the CEO of Nutrifresh, the country’s most advanced platform for national perishable e-commerce fulfillment, for an interactive Power Hour on May 19th. Think of it as a masterclass where you’ll learn everything you need to know about keeping operational costs low to maximize your budget while implementing a fulfillment strategy that exceeds your customers expectations and keeps them coming back for more.

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During this session you will learn:

    • How to meet customer expectations and increase customer retention
    • How to manage costs of moving inventory from multiple warehouses and carriers
    • What to consider when deciding between moving inventory to multiple locations or paying higher prices to ship long distances
    • How to identify where your biggest concentrations of customers are and when it makes sense to move inventory close to them
    • How to implement an effective marketing strategy that targets customers within those key demographics
    • The best ways to measure how your marketing strategies affect your operations.
    • How consumer expectations and behaviors are changing in a world of Amazon/next day delivery
    • The latest consumer shopping habits and trends
    • Lessons learned and best practices for avoiding those mistakes
    • How to set your business up for success as the world re-opens
    • How to leverage subscriptions to increase monthly sales & what that means for your fulfillment processes

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