How to re-enter the workforce after a personal crisis

On CNBC Make It’s makeover series “Fix My Career,” bestselling management author and CNBC contributor Suzy Welch gives her no-nonsense advice to professionals who find themselves in the midst of a career crisis.

In the third episode, Welch sits down with 31-year-old Connor McGlynn. He started a music blog in college and co-founded the record label Small Plates at 23. But after a few years of working in the music industry, McGlynn entered a rough personal and professional period. He was growing weary of writing about music, and his once successful company was crumbling. He was also going through a bad breakup and dealing with depression.

After being out of the workforce for about two years, McGlynn felt ready to re-enter the job market and turned to Welch for advice on how to make himself marketable again.

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