How to Start Your Gaming Entrepreneurship

Being an entrepreneur can be fun. But it’s especially fun when you’re a gaming entrepreneur. There are many ways to break into the gaming industry, but it’s helpful if you can turn your visions into reality through design and development. If you’re interested in a career or launching a gaming-related business, The Game Design & Development Bundle can be a great jumping-off point.

This bundle includes seven courses from One Education, a team of industry professionals dedicated to producing and delivering high-quality course content. In these courses, you’ll take a look at Unity, Maya, and more programs to help you towards a gaming career.

At the outset, you’ll get a beginner-friendly introduction to the game industry, learning about different types of games, loops, and arcs. You’ll learn how to apply game layers, how to get free assets, and how to do crowdfunding and publishing to get your early games off the ground. You’ll also get introductions to building games with HTML, Unity, Cocos2d-x, GameMaker Studio 2 and more.

Through hands-on practice, you’ll get familiar with game objects and physics, learning how to manipulate both. You’ll learn how to enhance special effects and create multi-device and cross-platform games for the enjoyment of the masses. As you progress, you’ll be able to use Maya and Unity to texture and add lighting and other atmospheric elements to games. You’ll model levels and maps, import into Unity, set up the camera, and finely tune your games to look as beautiful as they feel to play. It’s a comprehensive gaming education that will help you turn all of your game ideas into reality.

Start your journey into gaming entrepreneurship today. For a limited time, you can get The Game Design & Development Bundle for just $203, a fraction of the typical list price.

Prices subject to change.

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