How To Use Online Courses To Generate A 6-Figure Passive Income

I used to think that passive income was hard to make. I read dozens of books on the topic, watched free webinars, and spent hours yearning to understand how I could make money in my sleep. It wasn’t until I started traveling the world full-time and building my own online coaching business that I realized that passive income isn’t nearly as elusive as I originally believed it to be. I’ve met entrepreneurs from all around the world who have shown me first-hand that there are many ways to earn income passively, the most popular being through online courses.

One of these entrepreneurs is Paul Thomson, a 30-year-old Australian native who has built an online business empowering six, seven, and even eight-figure business owners to create and sell online courses. Specifically, he’s helped dozens of entrepreneurs at all levels to share their expertise in the online space, scale their business, and make money while they’re at it.

Celinne Da Costa: What got you into the online education space?

Paul Thomson: I grew up in a small Australian town before obtaining my B.A. in secondary education and creative industries in Brisbane. I went on to teach in high schools for seven years and absolutely loved it. I got a huge sense of satisfaction from seeing young kids develop and playing a small role in shaping their future.

During these years, I was a passionate advocate of integrating technology into the classroom. The education system felt outdated, with teachers writing notes on the board and making students copy them down into their books. I was focused on helping my fellow teachers create educational experiences in a scalable format, and did so by speaking at events, writing education tech articles, and becoming one of Microsoft’s Innovative Educators. By facilitating the work of other teachers, I was able to improve the educational experience for more students.