How to Work From Anywhere and Build a Remote Team

Remote work is becoming increasingly more popular for a variety of reasons. If you are looking to work from anywhere while building a global powerhouse that will scale, then make sure to check out this week’s video. There are a lot of advantages to creating a remote team and our expert will help you decide if it fits your future goals.

In this Entrepreneur Insider session, remote jobs expert, best selling author, and founder of Global Career, Mike Swigunski, explains how to take your remote life to the next level. He has been working and traveling internationally for more than 10 years and his journey has taken him to over 75 countries.

There are a ton of advantages to building a remote team and living overseas and Mike will dive deep into a lot of the advantages, disadvantages, and explain why all types of businesses are transitioning to a remote structure.
Key Takeaways:
Discover tax perks & benefits of working with remote teams

Learn about the essential tools to scale remotely

Understand how to widen your hiring pool

Discover best practices for decreasing your bottom line

Learn how to build an effective team

Hear the perks in being an expat

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