How Twitter radicals are controlling corporate America

After a Twitter campaign got him fired from his new writing position at The Atlantic in April 2018, Kevin D. Williamson was out of a job. But the online mob didn’t care about him so much as a larger crusade that forces companies to adopt a belief system conforming entirely with its own. Here, in an adapted excerpt from his new book, “The Smallest Minority: Independent Thinking in the Age of Mob Politics,” Williamson explores the new left-wing totalitarianism …

I used to work not far from a temple in New Delhi dedicated to Hanuman, the monkey-faced Hindu deity who is the patron of the capital city — a 108-foot-tall statue of him looms over the Jhandewalan metro station.

Monkeys are a problem. Basically, you can’t screw with a monkey in Delhi, for religious and civic reasons, so there’s a plague of the things all over the city but especially in the temple precincts. They are basically high-IQ New York subway rats with opposable thumbs. It’s not good.

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