How Your Firm Can Beat The Summer Slump

Firms sometimes face declines in team productivity when summer hits. It’s a season full of holidays and employee vacations and this disruption may take a toll on your employees’ engagement. On the other hand, if your employees love your firm’s culture and are excited to be working there, they are likely to perform regardless of the season. Whatever boat you find your firm is in, here are five proven ways to keep things going strong on long, summer days.

Yep. You read that right! And there’s research to back that up. For example, Ernst & Young found that for every 10 hours people were away from the office, their employee reviews bumped up 8% the following year to the success of the firm. Another study found employees who take less vacation are less likely to feel motivated to give their best when they return.

To encourage vacationing, ask employees about their plans. Maybe they want a “stay-cation” where they stay home to enjoy family and friends, catch some movies and pursue hobbies. Or maybe it’s their first cruise! Either way, show interest before they go and after they return.

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