Instagram’s Threads is compelling, but kind of creepy

Look, I’m not one to constantly post selfies. I’d rather just take pictures of random buildings or my sneakers. But, when I do take a selfie, it’s mostly just so I can share a goofy face with my family or best friends. I’ve mentioned this before in previous stories about Facebook, Instagram has become one of my main messaging apps — right up there with iMessage and WhatsApp.

That’s why the idea of Instagram’s new Threads app, which is designed specifically for private messages between you and your closest friends, sounds so intriguing.

On the surface, Threads is essentially an extension of Instagram’s Close Friends feature for Stories, which was introduced in 2018. Close Friends, in case you’re not familiar with it, lets you share pictures, videos and message only with groups of people you’ve carefully selected.

In fact, if you haven’t created a Close Friends list on Instagram, you’ll need to do that the first time you fire up Threads in order to use it. I did not have a Close Friends list, but creating one was fairly easy: you just go through the list of people you’re following and choose whomever you want to add.

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