Intel tipped in talks to sell its modem chip business

Now that Apple and Qualcomm are friends again, Intel has abandoned its 5G modem plans and is, according to a new leak, considering the sale of its modem chip business. The news, which is unconfirmed at this time, follows Intel’s announcement that it will not continue in its effort to launch a 5G cellular modem in 2020. The leak also claims Apple had considered purchasing Intel’s chip business.

The claims come from the Wall Street Journal, which reports that Apple had been in talks with Intel about acquiring parts of the modem chip business, though the leak hasn’t been confirmed. The deal would have potentially enabled Apple to speed up its iPhone efforts, but talks recently came to a halt following months of communication, the report claims.

The talks reportedly came to an end right around the same time Apple and Qualcomm revealed their new multi-year agreement. In light of this alleged change in plans, Intel is supposedly now ‘exploring strategic alternatives,’ which may include selling the business to a different company, possibly one other than Apple.

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