JMG Career Fair in Dexter

Last year that expanded to the Ridge View Community School.

Tuesday they held their first career fair, to let the middle school students know what their future could look like.

“We have found in talking with employers that it’s important to reach kids at the middle school level” said the JMG Specialist at Ridge View Community School Kathy Reardon.

“We did a survey a couple of months ago and based on what you got on the survey is what you were going to get for career day,” said 7th Grader Dylan Talbot.

“From that we were able to put them in to career interests of their preference and have them participate in these sessions and learn from the professionals that can speak best to what they want to know,” said Reardon.

“A lot of these students they are already looking towards what they are going to do in high school,” said Reardon. “Whether they are going to go in to the military or college, start a job, get a certificate of some sort, and so they’re planning.”

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