Joe Biden may face uphill climb in early states

There is no doubt Joe Biden is well liked, even treasured, by Democratic voters. But the Easter weekend inbox includes several observations from key states that underscore the early challenges awaiting the former vice president as he gears up to enter the 2020 race this week.
“Joe’s name is not coming up much,” said one county Democratic chair in Iowa. “There is a lot of interest in these new, fresh and younger candidates.”To illustrate that point, this Democrat noted that a local bookstore owner was scrambling to get more copies of a book by Mayor Pete Buttigieg, whose candidacy is generating considerable early buzz.
Team Biden believes his official entry will change the conversation. It also believes his early poll numbers, which show him at the top of the pack, are anchored on more than just universal name recognition among Democrats.
The Iowa county chair, though, was skeptical.
“I really don’t think it is very deep or strong support.”New Hampshire comes next on the calendar, and its electorate could more closely mirror Biden’s strength. But a big complicating factor there is that two of the state’s neighbors are in the race — Sens. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.