Lessons for righties doing ‘The Daily Show’

If you’re a conservative commentator, and Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” comes calling, you will hear a chorus of friends implore: Don’t do it. But should you go on the show anyway?I did.

In April, I recorded a segment for “The Daily Show” on socialism, which aired last week. Correspondent Jaboukie Young-White interviewed me. Sen. Bernie Sanders provided the pro-socialism perspective (though we weren’t interviewed at the same time).

“Correspondent,” of course, implies that Young-White is some sort of reporter, but obviously he’s not. He’s a comedian, and his title is part of the gag. Young-White and I spoke for nearly two hours, but my part was condensed down to about 60 seconds.

“The Daily Show” is produced by liberals for liberals, and if you’re conservative, the big concern is that they will edit the interview so you end up looking as ridiculous as possible, as Jonah Goldberg says was done to him.

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