LG is Cooking Up Touchless, Wavy Magic for MWC Reveal

On Sunday, February 24 at MWC, LG is going to reveal their next big thing. It could be this tired-design-of-a-phone or it could be something unexpected. The teaser that LG just sent out hints at something unexpected.

In the video below, a short video shows a hand waving over the top of a piece of paper as the words “Goodbye Touch” appear. The hand then performs a pushing gestures to announce that the event is called “LG Premiere.”

What should we take from this? LG might have built something into their next phone that uses a lot of gestures. The thought of waving “goodbye” to touch can really only mean that LG has something planned to let you control a gadget without having to physically touch it. And look, I’m all about the gesture controls that look like mid-air magic.

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