LG OLED65C9 OLED TV Review: Knocking On Heaven’s Door

Every time LG has shown off its 2019 OLED TVs over the past few months, they’ve just looked better and better.

Even though the panels from LG Display aren’t radically altered from those used in last year’s LG OLED TVs, it’s consistently looked as if the Korean brand’s picture quality engineers have honed in with uncanny accuracy on pretty much every part of their 2018 models’ picture and sound performance that could most benefit from a tweak.

Having now finally had the chance to live with a finished 65-inch LG OLED65C9 for more than a week, I’m happy to say that it delivers on all that early promise – and then some. Especially as, aside from a single frustrating flaw, it combines its extraordinary performance with a plethora of excellent new smart features.

Let’s start simple, though, with the OLED65C9’s design. This is a fairly subtle refinement on LG’s 2018 C series, sitting a little lower on a less showy but arguably more elegant and certainly beautifully finished metallic stand.

This stand is seriously heavy too. So much so that it makes attaching it to the screen a real heart in mouth moment.

The rear of the stand has been extended out versus 2018’s design, making the screen feel more stable and providing space for a central channel with a removable cover into which you can tidily feed all your cables.

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