Making a mindful midcareer move

About the event

As an established global development professional, deciding when and how to make your next career move can be a daunting decision. Unlike with your first job search, you have likely differentiated yourself, you have a better understanding of what you value, and employers will be taking a longer look at you before making a hiring decision. Whether you’re a seasoned manager looking to change sectors, a director in an established organization hoping to join a startup, or a new hire at a workplace where you’d like to stay and grow, you’re not alone! In this online event, Devex’s resident career expert, Kate Warren, will be joined by Daniel Head, founder and CEO of Head Global, to discuss:

Curated tools and strategies for making a smart, strategic, and mindful midcareer transition. How to gain a solid understanding of both yourself and the market, allowing you to find the right positions. Top tips for acing your interviews. How to negotiate one of the many offers that will come your way. There will also be time at the end of the event to answer any questions. Share them live during the discussion or in advance by submitting them to Kate at [email protected].

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