New Galaxy S10 Leak Reports Return Of Classic Samsung Feature

Ten years after the first Galaxy S flagship, how will Samsung communicate that the Galaxy S10 represents both the future and a long line of notable smartphones? Now we may have one visual answer to that challenge.The new details on the Android-powered flagship come from noted commentator IceUniverse via Twitter, where he notes that the Galaxy S10 (here called ‘Beyond’, in a nod to the internal codename), will be available in five colors:

While black, white and silver are expected (although expect Samsung to jazz up the names (such as the S9’s Sunrise Gold or Ocean Blue), the curious one is green. It has been some time since Samsung had a green flagship handset (such as the S6 Edge’s Emerald Green choice).

With the Galaxy S10 not only acting as a vanguard for new technology, but also pulling double duty as the tenth anniversary handset, perhaps it’s not surprising that the South korean company is looking back at past glories to promote the new wave.